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With over a decade of experience in Publications, Branding and Book Design IGS has had the pleasure of working on spectacular projects with some of the finest clients in India. We specialise in strategising, designing and writing for a range of Books from conceptual stages until they go on the stands for sale. 


Coffee table books are having a moment, and as a lifelong creative with a deep love and appreciation for good design, quality printing and engaging content, I am fully on board. Over the years my own collection has grown and evolved, but I have my favorites—and one key thing they all have in common is premier paper. When considering a coffee table book, the feel of the paper it’s printed on has a lot to do with how we perceive quality. Below are a few books done by us.

IndInfravit Report 2022-23

Annual Report 2022-23

Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra CSR Book

HK ASR Brochure

Annual Sustainability Reports 2021-22

Maite Delteil - As The Seasons, Turn and Return

Artist Biography

The Divine Journey

Jain Diksha Book (The Divine Journey)


Annual Report 2020-21

Doka International

Corporate Brochure for India

Paresh Maity

Art Catalogue


Annual Report 2021-22

Sakti Burman

Artist Biography


Visual Aid


Artist Biography

FujiFilm 3D Tomosynthesis

Breast Cancer Case Book, Fujifilm.

Maya & Maite

Art Catalogue

Jain Diksha - The War Within

Jain Diksha Book (The War Within)

Shilo Shiv Suleman

Art Catalogue (Humraz - A set of Poems)

Fuji Silvertech

Corporate Brochure

Sakti Burman

Art Catalogue

Michael Jackson

A tribute to MJ for VH1

Satish Gupta book (4)

Artist Biography

Narang Realty

Real Estate Corporate Brochure


Artist Biography

Jayasri Burman

Art Book

Four Seasons

Real Estate Brochure


Art Book

Oberoi International School Year Book

Year Books for School


Real Estate Brochure

Corsica, Narang Realty

Real Estate Catalogues


Book on Poems


Art Catalogue

Maya Burman Catalogue

Art Catalogue

Seema Kohli

Art Catalogue

Sushma Jain

Art Catalogue

K.G. Subramanian

Art Catalogue


Art Catalogue

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