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Marketing to Millennials vs Gen Z

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

One needs to tread carefully about juxtaposition as there are a lot of complimentary traits as well personality differences between the two generations.

1. Platforms

Both generations grew up with social media to communicate effectively with their target market. Still, there are some differences in the social media platforms that they use.


2. Visual Medium and Platforms

For millennials less is more, experience before products, where realness resonates. Gen Z is part of a post-literate society or an era where images and characters will replace words as the communication of choice. A ree-to-be where identities can be transformed and assembled daily just like fashion.

It is important to have a strong social media presence if you want to generate a strong connection with both generations. It's not necessary to target every social media app but rather to identify where your target market spends their time and use those platforms to communicate effectively with visuals that create an association.


3. Choices & Preferences

It is important to recognize that both generations have different lifestyle preferences that influence how they like to live and play. Millennials tend to value established social norms and traditional work structure, while Gen Z is more flexible and independent in their ways of living and working. By examining these preferences it will be easy to determine what kind of lifestyle they choose.


4. Popular Platforms

As the largest and youngest consumer groups, Millennials and Gen Z have a significant impact on the social media landscape. While both generations share some similarities in their platform preferences, they also have distinct differences. Millennials tend to favour established social media platforms for personal and professional connections, while Gen Z is drawn to newer, more visually-focused platforms for entertainment, self-expression, and connection with influencers and creators. Here are some of the most popular social media platforms for Millennials and Gen Z.

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