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Digital Ads That Work

Businesses that advertise online have recognized the importance of fine-tuning their digital ads to adapt them to their target customers’ interests and preferences. Marketing tactics based on customer behavior have an immense impact on their business, to attract more quality leads and convert them.

With that in mind, here are a few creative design tips you should employ to create effective digital ads that people will want to click.

A Campaign design to review and buy diamonds even when ‘offline’ on their App for traders.

Hold the Star Image Style

To attract as many clicks as possible, one needs to use strong and eye-catching images. Your target customers must notice them, so you need to make sure they stand out and truly engage them. 

Protagonist images are very effective tools in creative design, so make sure you use one that perfectly represents your brand. The best images for digital ads are images of people, preferably their faces, but, if you are selling mobile phones, for instance, make sure you use one along with the product item that will instantly capture attention.


Your Logo is a must

This is your identity; it needs to be clearly visible, within the brand guidelines for consistency. Learn more>>


Visual Brand Consistency

It's crucial that your digital ads are always consistent with your brand so that people can instantly recognize it. Follow a guideline to ensure all messages and brand asset use are on point.

They need to have the color schemes, images as all of your other marketing materials, and the typography layout you use is easy to catch the eye, understand and read – it must be big enough yet in balance for clear demarcation for messaging and actions buttons including your website. Maintaining visual consistency will help you maintain brand consistency. Learn More>>


Coherent Content

Create persuasive messages that call to action. It is the key because it is exactly what drives conversion rates. Furthermore, it must be in tandem with the content of your landing page to complete the messaging.


Strong Taglines

These grab the attention of your browsers. Use some of your keywords in the headline, especially if your digital ad is product-specific since it will tell your target audience what your ad is actually about.


Allure them to take action

People want to click through and engage with your brand. Include a clear and compelling messaging to engage prospects to click through and engage your brand.


Persuasive Offer

Include some promotion, such as free shipping or a particular product discount, since those are certain to make people want to click through and find out more.

leading to higher click-through rates and, thus, higher conversion rates. Further, create a sense of urgency with “for a limited period” or “until stocks last” to complete the online conversion.


Simplicity is Key

Don’t overwhelm the viewers, keep everything simple, and you will hit the clients discernment with your digital ad every single time.


We can help your brand with effective digital communication

write to us at Whatsapp with your requirements and we will get right back to you.

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