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Promotion of a restaurant that captures the complexities and diversity of Italian cuisine. Announcing the launch of a thoughtfully designed a la carte as well as a five course menu. Tradition in Evolution that explores the finest Italian ingredients from a fresh, modern angle. Serving a wide range of Italian cheese and coffees, dolce and digestifs; to experience. 



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Our Muse

Vetro has been designed to bring an authentic Italian experience to Mumbai, when you are not indulging in the food they serve the ambience takes over! A room is setup full of white and just a minimal use of bright yellow which only accentuated the whites. One section has a strange assortment of rectangular stained glass in various colours - a chic setting. And the food they bring to your tables is nothing less than a piece of art. 

Series of 3 posters places though the hotel  

Our Design Communication

Promoting the new menu to strike interest in the minds od discerning few, we have set all our visuals authentic to an Italian experience. The feeling one gets when they walk into Vetro the emotion of and authentic Italian experience all the way... and then there is the Oberoi hospitality standard. We aimed to connect patron with iconic Italian architecture, and non other than God Father himself. Campaign was active from Feb to April and every month we released a new communication creative. 

Print Advertisements 

Iterated this theme from digital through email campaigns, SM creatives, advertisements as well as influencers. We chose to take this experience of our patrons one step ahead by developing a promotional bags with Italian Spices and giving out to all our dinners to take the experience home, and sharing with their friends and family. Thereby creating a word of mouth about the presence of the chef at the restaurant and spreading recommendations by patrons to their friends and families.     

Customer Engagement Kit

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