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Packaging design matters

Packaging Design highlights attributes of a product through visual communication under the branding umbrella to attract attention of the prospective customer. The intent is to communicate virtues of the product that influence purchase decision.

Liquid Colorant Pouch Packaging

We at Pavan Java Studio acknowledge the packaging need of our customers; identify the strategic scope, and then design the packaging with clear crisp communication to help stand out from the rest.

Pouch PackageDesign Trends are changing with new technology in the marketplace. This comes with endless options and offers enough space efficiency for stacking. The pouches come with a zipper / handle / spout /notch on the top. You can customize the package in different shapes, sizes, and colours according to your requirements.

Our Our client in the business of floor colour coatings, had a unique service attribute that enabled the contractors to sample colours at the shop and test at the site before ordering quantities in bulk.

We designed their retail packaging that you see here in an open and close pouch, to reuse product as and when required as per the contractor’s convenience. The visuals clearly communicates - the brand. it’s attributes. colour content inside the pouch. and finally the statutory information. Bringing a strong visual impact for our industrial consumers.


Packaging matters as it is the first connect that the customer has before actually using it. Countless studies have proven that packaging drives purchase intent, product satisfaction and repeat purchases. The lustre, positioning and perfection of the package design is what first draws a customer to the product, especially the undecided customer. We can get you there. We’ll turn it into a stylish brand with great packaging designs that will leave indelible impression on the buyer’s mind.

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