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Brand Identity for an Online Store - Turban Trunks - Part 1

For a product which is so common and been used over centuries and yet never sold on a service platform so unique, we had an interesting project on our hands. This Brand Identity Development project was for Turban Trunks who want to cater to supplying bespoke Turbans, Scarfs, and Pocket Squares. The group company have been in the cloth manufacturing business for over a decade and this works as a value-add product. The business would be conducted online.



The client had advised on using inspiration from a traditional turban and have an elephant trunk (Ganeshji) as a mnemonic. Also, the fact an elephant is subconsciously related to royalty as well as wedding in the Indian culture ensured a reference in the design.

Initial Sketches:
Keeping in sync with our brand ideology we have used the shape of a front facing elephant, decorated it with various cloth screen patterns in symmetry and geometrical shapes.



A Contemporary Mood Board for Colours based on Seasons

Colour References

BLUE is associated with depth, expertise, strength, trust, elegance and stability.

PINK is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings.



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Coming Soon - Packaging and Online Applications in Part 2 stay tuned.

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