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Logo Design for a BGV brand.

VERIFACTS over the years has helped several leading corporates reduce the risk of hiring employees with dubious background.

Verifacts one of the Top 10 Background verification organization, specializing in the field of Candidate Authentication Program (CAP). Their requirement was to create a refreshing new design for their logo.

They had a pre-existing logo which was -

On discussing with the leadership at Verifacts, we realized the reason for changing the logo were that with multitude. From the time of inception of the company, the brand had grown and the old logo did not reflect this.


To kick start the project - we visited a few of their business premises and understood their activities to create a Inspiration Mood Board:

Inspirational Mood Board for a BGV logo Design

As we met with stakeholders and understood the business - How it works? - What are the important elements? - What items define the brand? we stared to ideate and we

started sketching!

We shortlisted a few "marks" that are commonly used in this business. These were further converted to infographics to implement in the logo unit. Out of the three conceptual designs, one was finalised, as we all agreed to simplify as much as possible. "Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci

The Colour Inspiration

Elaborating - Colours are a form of inspiration, they help communicate the feeling of security, trust, confirmation, consultancy, expertise. Hence, the use of primary colours has been kept to a minimum, taking the palette to a more pastel secondary colour palette to give the logo a more global & international feel and acceptance.

Colour Psychology -

Blue is associated with depth, expertise, strength, trust, elegance and stability. It is considered as the most popular brand color. Suggests high loyalty and precision. Closely associated to intelligence and trust.

Black is used to market luxury products. Denotes prestige and sophistication. Implies luxury. Suggests sleekness and timelessness.

Final Simplifying touches explained:



Want to refresh your logo or brand? Feel free to email or call us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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