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Are Notepads a Part of Your Promotional Marketing Strategies?

These days a large number of businesses are interested in marketing online. With the advent of smartphones and innumerable apps, the use of notepads, paper blocks are considered old school and are often overlooked.

But the charm exists! Nothing beats the satisfaction of jotting down your thoughts, To-Do lists and meeting pointers. According to a study conducted by Princeton’s Pam A. Mueller and UCLA’s Daniel M. Oppenheimer, their research shows that when you only use a laptop to take notes, you don’t absorb new materials as well, largely because typing notes encourages verbatim, mindless transcription - Harvard study

Further more it helps keep your mind active and memory sharp - 7 ways to keep your memory sharp at any age. From Mark Twain to Thomas Edison to Peter Jennings (ABC News), Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, to are very own Kumar Mangalam Birla, they all have been avid note takers (Ref - The Pocket Notebooks).

Then why are corporate houses missing out on an exclusive opportunity at promotions? The real capacity of promotional notepads in marketing efforts revealed in the findings, of researches conducted in 2007, almost half stated that they were more likely to do business with the company that gave them an item.

That’s just one of the numerous studies done with regards to the use of promotional products in marketing and advertising. Notepads are one of the best promotional products that businesses can take advantage of. In actuality, it’s the most useful promotional product next to wearables. When combined with other marketing efforts, notepads seems to have a synergic effect on businesses too. In other words, it has the capacity of not only effectively market a business but as well as boost a business’ marketing strategies.

Why is that so?

It could be credited from the nature of notepads. In the first place, notepads are designed for utility. And people have countless ways to use it. A good quality paper can make all the difference for someone who writes his/her most profound thoughts down.

These days where you get everything on email, texts and whats app a hand written note is much appreciated. And, makes the receiver feel special. People intentionally buy for all-around use. When it is offered for free, it’s a sure thing that people will use it and remember your brand, your company.


So, how should a business proceed with Notepad marketing and maximize the use of this type of promotional item?

Design & Content. These are the two aspects of the strategy that businesses and companies should very well consider. The customization of notepads is something that should be planned out. One of the many things that have to be considered in the process is the layout, followed by...

- How do you like your notepad to look like?

- Do you need a coloured writing space, just plain white or a watermarked one?

- What will be the concept or theme?

- What are the pieces of information that have to be placed in the notepad?

These are just some of the questions that should be answered. But these things have to be parallel to the nature of your target market or the demographics of the same. To add a little spice on them, you may also include quotes, photos, etc. Just make sure that they don’t consume much space. For smaller notepad sizes, transforming it to a magnetic notepad would also be a good idea. The more unique the concept, the more effective will the notepads be. We just have to think outside the box and apply some creative tweaks. Printweek - a print media based magazine recently shared how this market was never dead, but has picked up pace.

Distribution and Consumption.

It is given and expected that you’d surely want your notepads to reach as many customers as possible. Once the notepads are handed to the customers, it right away starts its work (although in the subconscious). However, what many businesses miss is consuming the notepads for their own needs. The notepad has the capacity to leave lasting impression on meeting associates. Just imagine how many times in a day a business communicate in notes and letters internally and externally. This would then be a great strategy for increasing brand awareness.

Here, we have shown some creative notepads done by us to illustrate just how much of a positive impression a notepad can make for your business. Do get in touch with us for your corporate promotional requirements.

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