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Are Coffee Table Books relevant in this Digital Age and Time?

No drawing room or office is really complete without a coffee-table book or two. Designed for a break, to get your mind off something, for light coffee conversations, or to exercise your mind, they are visual display of photography, architecture, art, decor, sculptures, brand stories - these typically oversize tomes are the perfect companion.

Whether you’re looking for an intriguing coffee-table book to entertain your guests or searching for inspiration for your next re-design, these art-filled offerings are sure to fit the bill—and look pretty on your table while doing so.

They are now treasure troves of inspiration, fantasy and flights of fancy - covering every subject from globetrotting explorer, to luxurious design interiors, celebrity style, contemporary art and achievements of business houses. These books are not meant to simply act as decorative props - the wide range of photographs juxtaposed with related text keeps a reader intrigued for hours on end, revisiting those pages time and time again.

A coffee table book aims to capture the story of an individual or an organisation in his or her own words. To leave a legacy, a chapter from your life that you are proud of, a story that needs to be told and retold. All this enhanced with a wide spread of photographs topped up with small amounts of text, meant for a quick and light read.

Here, we highlight some of our recently designed Art books : -

Reset: Baiju Parthan

This stylish tome emphasizes the creative connection between the designers’ mind and artists hand. With cutting-edge art - both 2D, 3D and interactive media by Baiju Parthan, this book is a prize for any avid contemporary art collector. Reset - A stunning visual catalogue of global design. The use of classic color palette in bold and unexpected ways; a proponent of interactive art, spotlights ways to enhancing your art collections to achieve a more mindful existence;

It’s so much more than a coffee table book, and to this day, I pick this up several times a month, open it to whatever page I happen to land, and start reading. It’s beautifully done and still brings me so much joy! - Customer Testimonial

Vision into Infinity: Paresh Maity

A visual guide to mixing period and modern art… essay by Leena Sunish … An intimate look into the private collections and an archival exploration of 300+ works of Paresh Maity. A pictorial experience—serving as a guide through the stages of inspiration—this stunning book will help readers explore their unique aesthetic;

From landscapes to expressions, legendary artist Paresh Maity established a reputation for his breathtaking art and sculpture. This vibrant book of early recent works dives into the many ways to his transitions with water colours, acrylics to brass sculptures.

Nirantaar : SH Raza

From the last show of the Master, this book is a memoir of his works over the last decade. Divided between the last few shows he had the book is interspaced with essays from Ranjit Hoskote and Ashok Vajpayee. The bindu is the best known of Raza’s symbols., but his pictorial subtleties embrace a far wider range of preoccupations. The book shows him in the recent times active in his trance painting in his studio in Delhi.

Imagine how beautiful your artwork, photography, memoir, or corporate history will look when it’s printed and bound as a hardcover book with dust jacket. A coffee table book is a pleasure to browse.

We’re all familiar with coffee table books that showcase art and photography. They are also great at telling brand stories.

To learn how I can help you with your upcoming book, or marketing requirements, please visit our Services page. Or, feel free to email or call me to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll discuss your book and answer any questions you may have, and get to know each other a bit before deciding whether to work together

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