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What do your customers think of your brochure?

Whether they’re packed with so much information they feel like they’re about to read a full length novel, or so they are so plain and concise they feel like it's drab or incomplete.

We have seen hundreds of them – in every major brand campaign, marketing promotions, trade shows, conventions, business meetings, at personal levels – fine dining restaurants, 5 star hotel, lifestyle boutique stores, hospital, or your service providers sneak them in with their Festive Greetings. But does any one of them stand out in your memory?

Schindler 5400

A carefully designed brochure is created specifically for the client and has a strategy to market the business. A good creative brochure piques the interest of the customer and engages them to buy the product or at least find out more.


Make your Brochure a conversation piece ...

It’s the first view the public gets of your organization or services. It’s not required that every time the humble brochure should create an earth shattering impact (although that would be nice). However it should be able to get grab your and your intended audience’s attention. It needs to communicate the objective, have relevant content. And all this within the production parameters. It needs to have the right ‘feel’, using both emotional and factual information.

Oberoi Exquisite: Laser Cut Sleeve, With touch and Smell UV Revealing "Now you are Part of the Secret"

There are a few key things you can play with, in your upcoming Brochure:


i. Keep it simple. Consider Functionality.

ii. Create impact. Reflect graphics physically.

iii. Be creative with your Inserts.

iv. Incorporate shapes. Consider your materials.

v. Make it fun.Keep it small.

vi. Break conventions.

vii. Don’t be afraid of change.

viii. Be clever.

ix. Use accent pages. Think over the top.

x. Break boundaries. Get angular.

xi. Be creative with typography.

xii. Have a purpose.

Oberoi Realty


  • Folded – design the folds to create a visual impact

  • Stitched – Instead of folds, go for stitched

  • With pocket, without pockets – Give a visual break by having the headline in the cover and the each topic/ aspect in different leaflets within a pocket.

  • Different Shape & Size – Play with shapes and size for your intended audience

  • Colour – Play with colour - Match the Colour between the cover and the inserts

A creative brochure design is the one that is unique and has been created specifically for the client. At Imperial Graphics we understand that every need is different simply due to the combination of scale, production parameters and intended audience.

Write to us for to know more on how we can help you with your brochure.

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