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How to have maximum impact with your print promotions?

As we finished our main course of a delectable meal, the waited handed out the desert menu. Holding the printed foldout in our hands, my friend shared his dilemma – wanting to launch a line of service, was struck with how to make his print promotions stand out given his constraints – budget. medium, maximum target audience reach and brand recall effectiveness.

Today even Facebook ads are flooded with print promotions (which are then photographed and converted to online ads). Even for your social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook you need something physical – something printed with content (and pictures!) with a flow and a format!

We have all felt it, seen it, used it, and maybe designed some of them in some form or the other in your promotion for your company services, college or school. In fact your Marketing & Brand Communications partner would definitely have given you some options suggesting which best suits your needs and constraints.

There are a variety of print mediums you can explore. Of course the right one depends on your product/ service, the budget and parameters such as – Objective, Content, Target Audience and Production parameters and maybe even Time constraints.

I will share with you the different mediums available and in the next few articles share an overview to enable you to find the best fit for your next print promotion.

You can explore –

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Newsletters

  • Flyers

  • Outpost - Hoardings

  • Web Design

  • Premium Stationery

  • Branded Merchandising

Print medium is especially needed if you don’t want to miss out on customers who are inclined towards kinesthetics – people who need something in their hands to touch and feel to enable them to visualize it. The million dollar question was what should that be?

Find out more in my next article.

Feel free to write to me with your suggestions or simply to share.

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