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Is Corporate Merchandise an Investment?

Whether it was the occasion of new year, launch of a new project, or you bought a new house, you would have received a number of corporate merchandise from various brand owners. How many of those brands who did not send you any merchandise, do you recall?

In a recent marketing survey, it was found that -

84% of recipients of promotional products can identify the advertiser

42% of recipients of promotional products have a more favorable impression of the advertiser

62% of recipients of promotional products will do business with the advertiser of an item

81% of recipients of promotional products keep items that are useful

If promotion's merchandise is done correctly, they are surely a business investment not an expense. However to successfully make this investment, one should be exposed to the market conditions, tastes and business operand.

Promote your business to impact your customers positively with unexpected and memorable promotional products that make the best impression. Investing in promotional marketing can be the secret of your success, and Imperial Graphics is your connection to the leading producers and manufacturers of imprinted promotional merchandise!

The team at Imperial Graphics offers out of the box thinking, giving you the most effective way to help your merchandise stand out in a crowd.

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