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What inspires you?

For my wife and I, mountains do the trick. In the fag end of July this year, on our travels to Dalhousie

to trek to the Khajjiar Valley in the Kalatop, Chamba district, we woke up early and drove through the forest reserve for a few hours, chasing early morning dew, light and beauty. After a short hike, our feet went numb and we headed back to Dalhousie for some warm beverages. There we had a refreshing conversation about creativity, discipline, and legacy.

She recorded our chat and combined our morning efforts from that day into this beautiful short note, which now I publish with her permission of course. Ever since working on this, I have thought long and hard about legacy than ever before and it has proven to be an inspiring mental exercise. In a wonderful paradox, thinking about the big picture has helped to shape my smallest daily habits.

Enjoy the views and musings:

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