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The Lost Art of Handwriting.

Perhaps a lost art form, the power of a hand written note, seems to be making a comeback in the business world.

Let us look at how in our fast-changing communication landscape, a handwritten note can actually help you stand out in this era of overflowing electronic in-boxes.

The tradition of writing notes and letters have been compromised by the information age, and we seldom find time for it, This paucity, however, imparts even more value to the rare handwritten note because it makes the recipient feel special. The key to writing handwritten notes is having the right mindset. Think of writing letters and notes by hand as opportunities, not obligations, Whether commending, apologizing, consoling or answering a question, taking the time to write it is often more powerful and convincing than the message itself.

I use handwritten notes to reach out to prospective clients and to say thank you to vendors and clients. Email is too easy to ignore. Phone calls can be invasive and are more challenging to schedule for me. Letters are hard to ignore and not invasive.

I believe that we're selling an experience, In my efforts to have my customers feel special, with every order, we include a handwritten note inside a laid envelope with a 'Thank you' on it.

Send a handwritten note. Not an email. Not a text. Not a tweet, instagram or snapchat. A real, genuine handwritten note. And I am not talking about a thank you note either (although those are nice too).

I'm talking about an out-of-the-blue, put-a-smile-on-someone's-face letter. Listen, I get mail every day - my stack of mail includes bills, unwanted credit card offers, bills, unwanted real estate opportunities, bills, unwanted home improvement suggestions.... you get it. A note from a associate, friend, vendors, client or family member? Wow! That is sure to brighten my day.

If the thought of writing such a note stresses you out, here's a boiler plate to help:

Dear [____], Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello. Life moves fast,so I am trying to slow it down a bit and bring a smile to your face. And hey, isn't it nice to open up mail that isn't a bill? Hope you are having a great day. Love, (fill in the blank)

Easy, right? Now write on...

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