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NM Medical
Campaign design for Health Tourism for NM Medical in partnership with WisemanForex at the MIAL. Teasers in the airlines, to booth design, with posters inviting patron to get free health checkup. Leading them to the NM medical centre with a discount coupon for another round of intensive health checkup. 
Identity Design, Campaign Design, Posters, Direct Mail

NM Medical Airport Kiosk.png
NM Medical Digital Standee.png

Digital Standee

Airport Kiosk

Our campaigns Win at Life placed at strategic locations at the MIAL airport for great visibility.

Communicates a great catch line to 'Be Wise. Healthwise.' followed by information brochures for various heath checkups and offers from the counter could be picked up by travellers.  

NM Medical Digital Playing Posters.png

Digital Standee Playing Posters

NM Medical Posters.jpg


NM Medical Information Leaflet.jpg

Tri-fold Brochure

NM Medical Offer Card.jpg

Offer Card

NM Medical Leaflet.png


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