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ModExim is committed to simplifying the product sourcing experience through a seamless one-stop shop. Discover products that align with your style and budget, all backed by comprehensive quality assurance from around the world.  

Inspired by the global framework of international trade, we designed in the logo features a globe within the ‘O’ motif, while the ‘X’ symbolizes the axis of global goods flow—representing effortless international trade. Designed a symbolically identity representing ModExim's embodiment of its core values and aspirations to be the premier choice for global sourcing. 


Design Strategy | Brand Identity | Design Language |  Communication 

ModExim Logo Concept.gif

Design Language

The X, inspired by the axis of the globe, is part of the design language and symbolises direction and progress, ensuring consistency and coherence.  


We want our design language to convey momentum, purpose and a clear path to growth. 

ModExim Design Language.gif
ModExim Outdoor Branding .jpg
ModExim Colour Code.gif
ModExim Identity Card.jpg
ModExim Laptop Bag.jpg
ModExim Internal Branding.jpg
ModExim Brand Manual.gif
ModExim Uniform.jpg
ModExim Cap.jpg
ModExim Business card.jpg


Our creative expertise in visual language is applied to communications collaterals such as corporate brochures, trade branding, digital presence and websites that enhance brand visibility and engage audiences with compelling design and engaging content. 

ModExim Corporate Brochure 1.jpg
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