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Modern Estates


Modern Estates epitomises the values that drive growth. In collaboration with global experts, they have enriched residential and commercial spaces.  


Inspired by the ever-growing city skyline and its uncompromising values, we created an identity that symbolically connects to the idea of the ever-evolving skylines of cities around the world.   


Design Strategy | Brand Identity | Communication

The Inspiration Behind Modern Estate's Logo

The Modern Estates logo is inspired from the ever growing city skylines, that depict growth and commerce. This versatile word mark is created from the ever changing skylines, of the cityscape

to form the wordmark MODERN itself.

Modern Estates Logo Concept.gif
Modern Estate Outdoor Signage.jpg
Modern Estate Logo Concept.jpg

Modern Estates Brand Architecture

The brand architecture sets benchmarks on the use of identity and defines the business verticals of the Masterbrand and the Sub-brands, each offering bespoke and unique identification yet withing the purview of the master brand. Clearly identifying residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces, with guidelines to use them on various collaterals. 

Modern Estate Logo Architecture.jpg
Modern Estate Helmet.jpg.jpg
Modern Estate T-Shirt.jpg
Modern Estate Identity Card.jpg
Modern Estate Backpack.jpg
Modern Estate Business Card.jpg
Modern Estate Cap.jpg
Modern Estate Uniform.jpg
Modern Estate Pen 1.jpg
Modern Estate FACADE BRANDING.jpg

Secondary Brand Element: City Skyline

The "M" from the word mark of the brand identity, outlined, serves as the element for crafting the expanding skyline of the city. This pattern is implemented across merchandise and promotional materials to create maximum brand recall. 

Modern Estate Tote Bag.jpg
Modern Estate Coaster.jpg
Modern Estate Notebook.jpg
Modern Estates Brand Guideline.jpg


The Master Brand is consistently integrated into all communication materials, including stationery, corporate presentations, and marketing collateral, environmental branding, digital presence and print content, in-line with their brand personality. Likewise, the utilization of the Master Brand with its sub-brands is employed for individual project collaterals. 

Modern Suites Brochure 1.jpg
Modern Suites Brochure 2.jpg
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