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HK Corporate Campaign
Communication design for a leading diamond manufacturer in India. These industries are heavily reliant on ethics, trust and relationships. Our campaign on diamonds being the most authentic gift of nature that takes more than 2 billion years to be formed hence 'the youngest natural diamond would be older than human existence' maybe older than anything you see or experience. Which is why there is a credible value to them.  
Campaign Design, Exhibitions, Direct Mail, Invitations, Corporate Catalogue  

HK Web Banner on Rapaport Website.gif

Website Banner

HK Takeaway Leaflets.jpg

Takeaway Leaflet

HK Exhibition Stall Design.jpg

Stall Design - Standee & Poster


Magazine Advertisements

HK Designs JCK CSR Advertisement.jpg

CSR Advertisement

Corporate Profile

HK Dinner Invitation.jpg

Dinner Invitation

HK Dinner Whatsapp Invitation.gif

Whatsapp Invitation

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