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Crompton -
Brand Design
Brand design for Crompton Greaves's consumer business. Renamed as Crompton. To create a unique identity for Crompton keeping themselves unique from the line of other local players. 
Identity Design, Identity Adaptations,

Packaging, Signage and more...

1. Crompton IDENTITY_Blue Route_Statione


Identity Implementation 

Crompton Colour Story.png
Competitor Comparison.png
Crompton Visual Identity

Brand Manual

Competitor Analyysis 


Packaging Design for CFL Bulb

Our Design Communication 

For more than a century Crompton has been setting the standard for Product quality, reliability and performance. Consumer Products designs that combine form and function like never before. 


Crompton makes sure all their products are as tough on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. 

CROMPTON Appliance_coffee machine_Packag

Packaging Design for Coffee Maker (Electrical Appliances)

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