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Turban Trunks
Identity design for Luxury retail brand. One of the most noticeable aspects of India is the diverse attire spanning its landscape. And one of the most strikingly impressive elements of the attire is the headgear or headdress. Turban Trunks have mastered just that. The eternal Indian wedding Turbans that adorn the very beginnings of a memorable occasion of the newly weds. 
Be it safas for a wedding baaraat or return gifts for a milestone birthday, their products are designed to be used and reused after the event in new and innovative ways and to serve as reminder of past celebrations. Just as we care for our products we care for the environment as well. We have developed their packaging from 100% recycled material that is environmentally sustainable.
Identity Design,  Campaign, Website, Samples Catalogue, 
Exhibitions, Digital and more. 

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Logo Construction Grid


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Magazine Advertisement

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Look Book

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Sample Book

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Identity Design

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Facebook Post

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Twitter Post

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Instagram Post


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