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Print is the doorway to interaction in this Digital era.

And it has held it's relevance through Imagination, Creativity and Technology! At a time when digital media has become a staple in marketing and communications, our sales & marketing data can testify that Print is alive very much relevant.

If this were not true, why would you see strictly e-commerce businesses using offline methods to penetrate? There is a reason why all global brands as well as start-ups advertise in our daily newspapers - to stay relevant, for recall value, and to connect with the ones they have missed online. Yes, this is a big segment and this segment is targeted with print marketing.

And, of course there is the "touch and feel" experiential marketing that is important these days, especially when everything is an image on your screen. Getting to hold something and experience it in action and interact with it these days is a privilege.

Having completed more than a decade working with various brands for servicing their Branding & Marketing activities, we have seen market requirements change. Every three years I see a rotation in activities and marketing mediums. I agree the quantum of print has reduced. But, it has evolved to be in sync with today’s technology, social interactions, and has surpassed all its rumors of being dead as a bespoke marketing tool.

" Print is still alive and relevant in today’s advertising world "

Print is still preferred by young millennials You may think the baby boomers generation is the only group that consumes print media and prefers it to its digital counterparts. This is most go wrong. A recent study, found that south of 50% prefer to receive print promotions to mobile promotions. Majority of those mobile users do not belong to the Baby Boomer segment, which means that even Gen X, Y, Z prefer print at times.

Print advertising captures attention Print can be just as innovative as the next GIF or meme. Take a look at these creative print ads and tell me you aren’t impressed or that you won’t remember a single one of them five minutes from now. Print is more than capable of attracting consumers, building brand awareness and driving sales. Plus, print has a longer shelf life than online and radio, thus giving advertisers more time in front of their target market. Just think about the amount of time you spend with a newspaper or magazine compared to the amount of time you are exposed to a banner or radio ad. It’s not rocket science to conclude that print comes out on top.

Print increases the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns and vice versa This is something we stress at Imperial Graphics Studio because it works. An integrated media plan helps your company reach consumers through a variety of channels, and the more opportunity you have to expand your reach, the better. When you utilize both print and digital, you boost the strength of your advertising campaigns as Print and digital advertising are a perfect pair.

Not only is print still relevant, but it can be extremely critical to the success of your campaign, especially if your target audience is among the affluent and educated. Download a FREE eBook ‘Proven Methods for Reaching Affluent and Educated Consumers’ to learn how to maximize print advertising. If you’d like to learn how to integrate your print and digital advertising campaigns, then ‘The CMO’s Guide to Integrating Print and Digital Media’ is ready when you are.

Our approach is to provide the mix which is right for our customers. Like in any investment portfolio, you need to balance returns from different mediums. Do write to us at to find a solution to your need.

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