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The Right Design can make all the Difference – Oscars 2017

This year’s Oscars 2017 has caught the attention and this time for the silliest of reasons. It wasn’t because dark skinned actors weren’t recognized or because of the US president but for the gaffe in reading out the Best Motion Picture award to La La Land instead of the intended winner Moonlight!

Why did it happen? Well there is a full scale inquiry is in place to be conducted by PwC - their official accountant. In the meanwhile let’s start by asking the right questions –Human error or Design error? What do we know about the winner card? How could it have been avoided? How to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

What do we know?

The designer was changed this year – PwC designed this year’s Oscar’s winner card. One may ask what expertise does an accounting firm have in the area of typography and layout…apparently not much!

How could it have been avoided?

The new design has the Oscar’s logo sprawling at the top taking up valuable real estate on the card. Is that needed? The person holding the card would already know that right? You are on The Oscar’s stage presenting the award!

How to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Any creative team knows the importance of the ratio to size, layout, and typography. This could have been designed as –

There is wisdom in using your resources to optimal value. This debacle just shows that it helps to get an expert to do the job so that you can focus on your core business. Our clients understand the value that Imperial Graphics Studio brings to the table . Be it marketing campaign and project development to design and copyrighting services, we’ll help you stand out from the crowd. Write to us.

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