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Dholakia Ventures
Logo and Packaging design of frozen meats for the Indian retail segment by one of the worlds largest meat exporter Allana.  The products are launched PAN India designed to visually connect with the audience. The colour green represent sustainable meat production with health benefits. Further the colour blue represents trust in the brand. Various SKU's were designed in mind with associating synergies for optimum brand impact. 

Corporate Identity Design

Dholkia Ventures_Business Cards
Dholkia Ventures_Letterhead
Dholkia Ventures_Cheque Size Envelope

Brand identity for Goat & Sheep Meat

Dholkia Ventures_Notepad
Dholkia Ventures_Sticky Notes
Dholkia Ventures_Duffle Bag
Dholkia Ventures_Diary
Dholkia Ventures_Cap
Dholkia Ventures_T-Shirts
Dholkia Ventures_Mugs
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